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18 Years of Affordable Eye Care
By Dr Archis Shedbale

Having trouble with your eyes?

You have come to the right place

We realize how precious your eyesight is.
Our Doctors have the right qualifications and experience to ensure we take the best care of your eyes.
Samarth Nethralaya is committed to providing ethical, reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective healthcare services through care and compassion to ensure complete patient satisfaction. We continuously strive to improve the quality of our health care services by adopting the latest technology and equipment to strengthen our medical processes and procedures to achieve the set objectives.

Samarth Nethralaya is providing the highest quality healthcare in the eye specialist domain. We are NABH pre-accredited eye hospital in Kharghar. There are specific quality benchmarks that are important for you to know about when selecting any clinic. At Samarth Nethralaya, we pay close attention to quality indicators, and as a result, we are confident that we provide our patients with the safest possible environment. We will get you moving again as quickly, safely, and painlessly as possible.

Why is Samarth Nethralaya a Good Clinic for you?

1. Qualified Doctors with lots of experience.
2. Clinic has latest technology equipment.
3. Doctors are approachable and reassuring.
4. We are strict about hygiene so we ensure you get the best possible treatment and environment at our clinic.
5. Doctors are available for emergencies.
6. NABH accredited Eye Hospital. (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is a constituent board of Quality Council of India, set up to establish and operate accreditation programs for healthcare organizations.) 

Complete eye check-up at Eye Clinic in Kharghar includes detailed Slit-lamp examination, detailed retinal examination; intraocular pressure measurement besides vision, and computerized spectacle checking. If required, various specialized investigations.

The clouding of the lens is no longer a difficulty. Almost 99% of cataracts can be removed easily. Consult the renowned eye specialist in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.  Hands-on experience coupled with modern technologies to treat cataracts at Samarth Netralaya.

We specialize in Glaucoma Care. Glaucoma, something which has no cure. In other words, a group of eye diseases. It occurs due to damage to the optic nerve. Early detection and regular eye checkup can help you maintain vision power for a longer time.

Prevention is better than cure. In fact strabismus, chalazion, amblyopia, and refractive errors are common eye problems in children. Consult pediatric ophthalmologist in Kharghar at Samarth Netralaya. Super Specialty eye hospital Kharghar.

At first, diabetes may cause no symptoms or only mild vision problems. If we do not diagnose it early, it can cause vision loss. In addition to that diabetes results in other eye complications like cataract, red eyes. Visit Dr. Archis (Retina Consultant) at Samarth Netralaya.

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