Looking for Cataract Surgery in Kharghar or Navi Mumbai ?

Ultramodern infrastructure - Experienced Ophthalmologist


AMO Phaco System

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Topcon Microscope

Built in yellow filter with five step magnification makes it easier to see things clearly. outstanding microscope for intravitreal surgery and other ophthalmic procedures.

18 years of experience coupled with advanced technologies.

Samarth Nethralaya is fully equipped with the most modern technology for performing Sutureless Cataract Surgeries and achieving a perfect outcome. We have the best phaco machines from AMO. We offer the latest generation of multi-focal IOLs with astigmatism correction and the Implantable Collamer Lens as an option in correcting refractive errors. To minimize calculation errors in the implanted IOLs we have the IOL Master, which works by the laser interferometry principle and reduces the user induced errors.

What is Cataract ?

Cataract is opacification (cloudiness) of the lens present in the eye. Because of the cloudiness of the lens, vision reduces as light cannot pass through the lens to form a proper image on retina. As the opacification of lens increases, vision reduces.

What are the symptoms of cataracts?

• Blurred vision
• Floaters
• Sensitivity to light
• Reduced intensity of colors

Who is at a risk of cataract?

Elderly people, diabetic, patient having family history of early cataract, more exposures to UV light and sunlight. Even it is possible at early age. Early diagnosis and treatment is the only better option.

Our procedure to diagnose cataract.

Cataract is the clouding (opacification) of the natural lens, which prevents light rays from reaching the retina. Cataract is the leading cause of decreased vision and blindness in our country. It can be cured by a simple cataract extraction microsurgery, which these days are performed using advanced Phacoemulsification technology in a short period of time . This is done as a day care procedure.

Why choose Samarth Netralaya for cataract treatment in Navi Mumbai ?

At Samarth Nethralaya,we use the most advanced technology for cataract operation which is known as phacoemulsification. In this type of surgery ,suturing is not required. Only a small incision is made and a folded lens is inserted into the eye.

The hospital offers a variety of lenses (both Indian and foreign). One can take expert opinion about it with just an appointment.



This place is good and doctor is really humble. Technician take enough time and give various options to to adjust while doing eye power checkup. I went there for my wives eye checkup and they gave me one coupan which covers a free eye checkup of any one else like BOGO offer. Consultancy fees is Rs400. They have one optical store inside the clinic.

Jignesh Wadia
Their eye checkup camp was rocking... very professional doctor and staff too. Even if they offered it for free, doctors checked each and every patient in regular way.. thank u so much.
Anuja Phadke
Yes, its a perfect place for eye care. My dads cataract surgery was an amazing experience because i saw it live on screen. Gr8
Manisha Tuparwar
Best place for cataract surgery. Hardly 20 min. and we were at home in 3 hours. Thank you Dr. Archis on behalf of my mom.
Tejas Bhise


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