Eye Clinic in Kharghar

Complete Eye Checkup

Complete Eye Checkup

In the most Advanced Eye Clinic in Kharghar

Get Your Eyes Checked!

Complete eye check-up at Eye Clinic in Kharghar includes detailed Slit-lamp examination, detailed retinal examination; intraocular pressure measurement besides vision, and computerized spectacle checking. If required, various specialized investigations.

Eye Clinic in Kharghar

Our Vision

To establish a network of world-class centers in Eyecare by providing state of the art facility and creation of ethical, compassionate patient care through professional excellence.

Our Mission

Our primary measure of success will be delivering a benchmark quality of medical services. Our organization will be run by responsive, caring, and efficient people with a never-ending focus on service and medical excellence.

Our Services

Complete Eye Check-up

Glaucoma Care

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Retina Clinic

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