Glaucoma Care

Role of your eye specialist is very important when it comes to Glaucoma

Always choose an experienced ophthalmologist, do not compromise on eye health when it comes to the silent thief of sight ( Glaucoma )

18 years of experience coupled with advanced technologies.

Glaucoma is characterized by progressive damage to the optic nerve of the eye, the most common cause is high pressure in the eye. If left untreated, glaucoma can lead to blindness. Those with a family history of glaucoma, Diabetes, Systemic hypertension, thyroid disorders and Myopia are at a higher risk of developing glaucoma. People above the age of 40 years need to undergo routine eye examinations to rule out glaucoma.

Glaucoma in simple words.

  • It is increase in pressure of the eye ball . If not controlled it can lead to vision loss or blindness.

What are common reasons of Glaucoma ?

• Increase in intraocular pressures which is maintained by aqueous (liquid inside the eye).
• It can be due to more production of aqueous humor or decreased out flow of aqueous humor.

What is a treatment for glaucoma ? Is it possible to cure it ?

• Initially topical anti-glaucoma drops are given. If it is still not controlled with drops or oral medication, surgery is planned. Nobody can cure glaucoma but yes it can be controlled.

Tips for glaucoma patients. ( Does & Don’ts )

• Do's
Take medication as prescribed by ophthalmologist
Eat healthy food
• Don’ts
No smoking

Our approach while handling patients with glaucoma ? Steps & Procedures.

  • First of all we check eye pressure with the most advanced tonometry (Instrument to check the eye pressure)
  • Visual field testing is done as in early stage of glaucoma the visual field defect is not noticed by patients.
  • We then check Corneal Thickness so under the why is pressure increased.
  • Gonioscopy is done to assess the angle between the cornea and iris.
  • According to the findings, we decide the treatment options.

We believe in patient education as well as his/her positive approach towards it. So at Samarth Netralaya before undergoing any treatment first thing to do is a complete counseling. Better the counseling faster is the healing. Then after a perfect treatment.


Why choose Samarth Netralaya for cataract treatment in Navi Mumbai ?

Why to choose Samarth Netralaya for Glaucoma Treatment in Navi Mumbai ?

  • We have well equipped OPD with most advanced diagnostic instruments.
  • We have the best and modern technology and trained staff to diagnose glaucoma.

Glaucoma needs perfect diagnosis and accurate treatment. Whether its a drop or a surgery, each decision will effect or affect your vision. So take your decision wisely. You are always welcome at Samarth Netralaya for second opinion.


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