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Dr. Faraz Hussin, MBBS, MS ( Ophthalmology )
Squint & Child Eye Specialist

What is Pediatric Ophthalmology?
• Pediatric ophthalmology is branch of ophthalmology which is entirely based on diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders for children

What is pediatric ophthalmology ?

Cataract is opacification (cloudiness) of the lens present in the eye. Because of the cloudiness of the lens, vision reduces as light cannot pass through the lens to form a proper image on retina. As the opacification of lens increases, vision reduces.

What are the symptoms of cataracts?

What are the common eye diseases in children?
• Amblyopia,
• Refractive error
• Squint
• Conjunctivitis nystagmus
• Pediatric cataract
• Retinopathy of premature.

Why choosing a best child eye care clinic is important?

Because of the eye clinic having advanced facility, trained staff and recent technology, the chances of misdiagnosis are eliminated.

What are the symptoms and signs of eye problems in children ?

• Low level of concentration
• Not active in sports
• Tilting head while looking at objects


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